June 2, 2010

Religion - as metaphor or as "truth"

Voltaire and religionImage via Wikipedia

When religion is taken as metaphor, it represents inspiration – imagination and hope. By this way, religion creates love and courage; when religion is taken as “truth”, it represents ignorance - closed minds and biased reasoning. As consequence, it creates hatred and eventually, disasters.
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  1. Yunyi, the greatest truths are simply stated.

  2. I've addressed this topic several times in recent posts. I don't see "metaphor" and "truth" as separate things. Metaphor communicates truth in a different way than literal description. And when it comes to spiritual matters, metaphor is the only option available.

  3. Paul Swendson,
    That's very insightful look on this. I think, the problem is that majority people don't see this connection.

  4. Religion is a manmade set of rules enforced by a strict code that cannot be met. Even Jesus blasted religion. It has indeed caused many troubles and wars and problems in our world. It is in pursuing a relationship with our Maker, not in living by a code, that we are set free. I love the way you express your ideas and press for the deeper things in this life!

  5. thanks melody for your thoughtful comment. i totally agree, that we are set free.
    it's a pleasure to share our thoughts here in cyberspace. :-)