October 16, 2017

Is Money Important?

Just because that money ALONE is not enough does NOT mean money is not important. As matter of fact, since humans invented money for the more complicated trading (than barter), making money has been the most important means for us to survive. So if we agree that survival is the most important thing for our life, money naturally becomes the most important thing in our life.

So people who say money is confused about the difference between sufficient condition and necessary condition.

September 5, 2017

The Sun The Moon and Taking Things for Granted

I just read a Chinese parable another day. It says an old man was asked which one is more important, the Sun or the Moon. The old man thought for a long while and answered "the Moon".
"Because the Moon shines in the night when we especially need it; the Sun shine in the day when it's already light."

I found it inspiring. Taking thing for granted seems to be a major disposition of humans. Yesterday I read another article on facebook, about a 104 year-old Japanese doctor's health advices. While I appreciated most of them, one advice struck me hard: "Energy does not come from sleeping a lot or eating well, it comes from feeling good" Well, I hope the doctor did not mean literally (or maybe the translation wasn't accurate due to the confusion of Japanese language?), because the fact in front of me is that if we don't eat and sleep but just feeling good, we die, and die with horrible feeling. As simple as that.

To be specific humans' energy does come from foods. Sleep doesn't provide energy but the importance of it is also crucial to our health.

Since I lived with chronic health problem for ages, I found, people - of course include me - tend to take physical health for granted. We apprise our mental power so much to an extend that some people literally believe feeling good is all we need to live well. The belief in our mental power is also out of proportion. During Chinese cultural revolution, a famous slogan was "The field produces as much crops as people want." Nowaday a popular phrase goes "There are nothing you can't do but only what you can't imagine." Such beliefs go on and on and it is called positive thinking and it's panacea for all diseases and fuel for all ambitions.

Why people so insist the importance of our mental energy? I suppose the reason is exactly the same as that old man who says the Moon is more important than the Sun, that is: like the Sun, foods and sleep are there almost EVERYDAY, so we ignore the benefit of them, forgot that if we don't have them there will be no chance for our mental power exercise.

The the Chinese article that cites the parable story above also talks about mother's love, another thing that many people take it for granted. Yes, I believe physical health is like mother's love, we only realize it's importance when we lose it.

The Moon Shines in the night, brings us romantic imagination and fascination, so and so, but it's the Sun who stays there day and light, provides the most important elements for our existence, which made all those romantic stuff possible. Yet, when we enjoy these "luxuries", we think those are all it's about and don't give credit to something that's more essential. Why? I don't know but I suppose that shortsightedness is the flaws we humans are born with.

September 3, 2017

Thomas Hardy vs. Charles Dickens

I became a Hardy's fan recently, but not yet Dickens', though both of them focused on human tragedy. I wonder why?
Just read some comparison of these two online and I got clues. It says that the characters of Dickens are mostly typical types from the overall population of the time, and the cause of their tragedies are mostly social problems. On the other hands, hardy's characters are mostly more peculiar and the cause of their tragedies are mostly their own personality flaws, or fate.
Thus I may say that the misery in Dickens' work is more transient and in Hardy's more perpetual? I suppose that the systems of societies change over time, but human nature stays forever as long as human race exist (though this should be not taken absolutely, because some social issues remain long term, and human nature also evolves).
Nonetheless, I found Hardy's world is far more fascinating than Dickens'.  

April 24, 2017

Loss of Innocence

Having a job like teaching art for children, I have a "privilege" to be with younger generations, which made me happy because I am type of persons who don't like to deal with the complication of adults. However, I also occasionally witness some changes - from immaturity to maturity, form simplicity to complication. Most of these changes are pleasant because they are in good ways, however, I realized recently one of my students turned out to be someone whom I would dislike, if she were an adult.

She was only 5 when she came to my studio. She was so pure and pretty, and had passion for drawing or painting. But recently, at the mere age of 10, she is somebody else, totally different from 5 years ago. She became pretentious, often manipulative (even abusive sometime) toward classmates. And her attitude constantly changes depend on whom she is dealing with. She no longer talk spontaneously, every word she speaks out was prepared carefully in her little brain. To put it simply, she acts like a little politician.

I occasionally recall when she was little (though she is still little), feel a little sad about it. How wonderful if human beings can just stay pure and innocence like that 5 year-old girl, who used to tell me that I was her best friend?