August 26, 2014

Love Of Life vs. Fear Of Death

Ocean Park sunset 2
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Those who truly love life do not fear death, because their love of life is based on appreciation, not possession (of life).

August 12, 2014

A Giant Step Forward In Regard To Not Take People's Cr*p!

A parent of my students (she has two kids in my class) came last Saturday 20 minutes earlier than class time (2pm). She knew perfectly I needed rest because I "accidentally" met her in restaurant around 12noon and I told her I had to rush back to rest so I could have enough energy to have my afternoon class. Not only that, I have a note on my front door, saying "Do not disturb between 1pm - 3pm unless class time". Nonetheless, she brought her kids came right after their lunch and knocked my door. And after I let them in, she said: "we are earlier." Not even a "sorry".

I was not used to make people embarrassed so I said that's OK. I quickly let kids playing with some craft sticks and told her that I must go back to upstairs to rest until class start. She said Ok. So I went upstairs and lied down in bed until a few minutes before 2pm.

August 7, 2014

Following Rules

Cover of "Rules (Newbery Honor Book)"
Cover of Rules (Newbery Honor Book)
It's always easier to follow the rules made by others (majority, power classes, traditions, social systems, etc.), than to have rules inside one's own heart, and to follow them even when they contradict rules made by others.

Does Everyone Deserve Respect?

All About Evil
All About Evil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I always believe all humans are equal, believe that everyone deserves respect, but sometime I found, only when I accept the fact that someone are indeed selfish, vile motivated, don't deserve respect, I can then get my inner peace.

August 6, 2014

For The Love Of Game

Playing go, from The game of go, the national ...
Playing go, from The game of go, the national game of Japan book. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
My passion to "Go" (Wei Qi 围棋in Chinese) revived recently. For over three weeks, I've been play this game whenever I had time, whenever my physical condition permitted. Some time I played all day long. I even wonder, if my brain is strong enough, I wouldn't mind to be a professional go player.

Fact is, my brain is not as strong. Playing too much Go gives me headache. So I have to rest. I hope it is just due to the fact that my current physical condition restricts me from using my brain too much (reading also brings me headache).

August 5, 2014

Who Killed Marilyn Monroe?

Marilyn Monroe
Cover of Marilyn Monroe
I know Marilyn Monroe was sexy star and died at young age, and that's pretty much all I know about her. I never bother to know anything more about this legendary figure simply because she was not the type of person I would be interested. So do I really care how did she die? No. But still, this morning when I browsed through a news forum, one article that compares Monroe and Audrey Hepburn drew my attention. It says, that all residents of this planet know that Monroe was murdered by Kennedy brothers except news medias.

So I must lived somewhere else than Earth until this moment!

As matter of fact, I am not interested in Kennedy brothers either. But why I bothered to read through, because of my natural interest in "murder mystery". I would not put myself in labor of writing those details of the "conspiracy", but only want to say, that I have a "natural" tendency to believe in "rumors" about "high profile" figures - especially politicians, than news medias. Just like I believe those nasty stories I read about Mahatma Gandhi was true, so I would like to believe that Monroe was murdered by Kennedy brothers. Not big deal to me, really.

Again, I am interested neither Monroe nor Kennedy brothers, so writing this post probably only shows how bored I am (but I guess by doing so I can at least be qualified to be a "resident of this planet"). I would probably still go ahead to read more details about this case, only because I am a mystery reader, and this is still a unsolved mystery.

At last, even though I said I didn't care, I would still say, poor Marilyn!