August 25, 2015

Who Would Say "God Is Just"?

Is it true that it's always those who live in comfort would assert "God is just"? I don't mean that all people living in comfort would believe this notion but I can hardly imagine those who live in misery would think this way.
Just wondering.

August 22, 2015

Ignorance And Wisdom

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The older we are, the harder we could admit our ignorance or stupidity, because we want to protect our "wisdom". Ironically, the true wisdom can befall us only when we admit and accept our ignorance.

August 20, 2015

What Is NOT True?

No Idea (band)
No Idea (band) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I suppose, that any concepts or ideas created to serve our subjective purposes, such as "justifying" our actions, validate our living conditions, even promote happiness or humanity, are NOT true. Based on this view, even humanism is NOT a truthful idea, but an idealism. The truth, pure objective truth, is neutral, even inhuman.

August 17, 2015

"Do You Still Love Me?" - Weakness And Selfishness

My Weakness Is None of Your Business
My Weakness Is None of Your Business (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I found there is a type of persons, who would always let others make choices for them. Or, if they know what to choose, they would "design" a complicated scenario to force others to choose for them. The "benefit" of acting like this is that when things don't go as they expected, they don't have to be responsible.

i.e., when they no longer love or like someone, instead of saying: "sorry I don't love you." or "I am sorry to say that I've been feeling very difficult to be your friend." they would say:" Do you still love me or not?" "Do you still want to be me friend or not?"


It's a weakness not to be able to face others suffering, an even weaker weakness to deny the existence of such suffering just because one is not able to face it.

August 11, 2015

Does Kindness Require Intelligence? - A Few More Words On My "Wicked" "Wicked" Old Friendships

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If we agree that helping others when they are in need is one of most important ways to show kindness, can I propose, that it is impossible for those who are not able to "notice" the situations where others are in need of helps to offer helps, thus it is impossible for them to be kind?

In a couple of my previous posts I mentioned how I lost a few life time friends of mine during my middle age hazard. I also said I moved on, and I did. However, the recent unexpected visiting from one of these friends inevitably brought the issue back to table, and I just have a few more words to say, before I move on once again.

August 5, 2015

Why Regarding Unknown Illnesses As "Mental Disease" Is Offensive

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Since most people take modern medicine as "absolute" (by saying that I mean, people believe modern medicine can take care of all physical illnesses, except fatal diseases like cancer), they easily consider the cause of unknown illnesses as "mental". This is why we often see people try to "encourage" those who suffer invisible diseases to work "harder", to push through, as if they are mentally weak individuals. I still remember once a kind lady's first words to me after hearing my brief story: " be tough." I have to say, not only this is a wrong approach, but also offensive attitude toward those patients. Why, because one of primary reasons these people got so sick is precisely because they are mentally tough - so tough that they overdrew their energy, and their illnesses are nothing but the consequence of their mental toughness (physical energy overdrawn).


Photo of Wisdom Path
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I think one kind of wisdom is to see extraordinary within ordinary, ordinary within extraordinary.

August 3, 2015

Intellectual Progress

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Ironically, every intellectual progress one makes, is marked by the acknowledgement of how ignorant/stupid one was prior to that point. Nothing more than that.

The Difference Between Optimism And Pessimism

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One way to look at the difference between optimism and pessimism: the former takes misery, the latter happiness for granted.

Gladiatorial Game

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One kind of "glory" of human civilization:
"(At zenith of Roman civilization) Gladiatorial games were held from dawn to dusk. Contexts to the death between trained fighters (gladiators) formed the central focus of these games.... Gladiatorial games included other forms of ENTERTAINMENT as well. Criminals of all ages and bother sexes were sent into the arena without weapons to face certain death from wild animals. Numerous kinds of animal contests were also held. ..."
-Glencoe World History, p166.