March 21, 2015

Who Is To Blame?

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Probably, so often the reason we (not all human beings but quite significant portion of them) don't like others' strange but harmless behaviors is not because we don't accept them by our moral standards, but because we are not comfortable about our own reactions. In other words, when facing some totally foreign or unconventional behaviors, we simply do not know how to react, so in order to prevent us from embarrassment of awkward reactions, we choose to blame others.

I myself is not completely from this ignorance, but at least now I know.

March 15, 2015

Childhood and self-esteem

Agatha Christie plaque -Torre Abbey portret
Agatha Christie plaque -Torre Abbey portret (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
(A re-post, slightly edited)

Agatha Christie said: "One of the luckiest things that can happen to you in life is, I think, to have a happy childhood."

If we take "love" - love in any form: romantic, family and friendship - as a proof of our life existence, love is certainly the most important aspect of life, because only if we appreciate our existence in the first place, are we able to fulfilled it. The more love we receive, the more meaningful and joyful we feel our life is. That’s’ why we all desperately search for love.

March 10, 2015


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An optimist focuses on positive side of reality; a cynic (or pessimist) focuses on negative; an objective, honest and courageous mind focuses on neither, but only the big picture, or whatever is "eye-catching".

March 3, 2015

Do You Play "Go" - A Game That Resembles Life?

English: weiqi-qi (go-qi) 中文: 圍棋的氣(以黑子為例說明,圖中 ...
English: weiqi-qi (go-qi) 中文: 圍棋的氣(以黑子為例說明,圖中 X 為黑子的氣。) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I first learned playing board game Go (Chinese 围棋, pronounce as Wei Qi) during my college years. I played a lot in my 20s, during which I had lots of free time. I was absolutely obsessed with this game. After I came to America, life as an immigrant became a survival struggle, I had no time for such luxury. Starting from recent months, as my general life condition gets better, I again indulge myself in this game.

The rule of the game is very simple: two opponents face an empty board with 19x19 grid (alternatives are 13x13, or 9x9, etc.), one side holds black stones, another white, place stones on board alternatively, each time one stone. The objective of the game is to occupy more space than your opponent when game finishes. Of course, there is certain rules of life and death, which means the stones on board have to stay alive, otherwise the space of dead stones would belong to opponent.