April 15, 2015

Falling In Love With Photography

Life is full of surprises. At this moment that I thought I put art behind, I fall in love with art in different form: photography. I bought a DSLR camera, started shooting around during this love spring, and totally enjoy it!

In my past life I always liked to carry a camera with me during seasons, especially autumn and spring, but never thought to buy a good camera, because I never thought camera would make much difference. As an artist, I seemed to believe that composition was the most important element among almost any visual art forms. However, after purchasing this Canon EOS Rebel T5 1200d, a new world revealed before me! Technology does make difference: images look sharper, colors are more correct (which means more beautiful!), and I am able to take images during many different lighting conditions.

This is a new hobby to me, and I am very happy to explore this new world!

April 1, 2015

Put Art Behind - My New Art Webstie

Despite that I always know that art is not the best for me as a life time endeavor, and feel that art profession for me is overall like a very unhappy marriage which hindered many other interest of mine, I am still proud of what I've done in this field, professional or none professional wise.

Having not being able to focus on reading or writing for a while (due to my physical condition), I decided to re-organize my art works and put some of them into multiple art sale places to try my luck. I don't hold much hope on this task as I know art sale never is easy, especially, for a "retired" artist like me, who would not likely create many more works. I do this mostly just to put a big period mark to my past. I may paint or draw again sometime, but I am more than happy to move along, spend my rest of my life for something I wanted to do so badly but couldn't because of "art".

Goodbye art! No matter how many unhappy - sometime even miserable - moments we had together, I am willing to keep only happy ones in my memory, like how I remember Savannah.

My updated art blog (not completely done yet):
Mei's Art Works