May 31, 2010

A sign of open mind

This statement just jumped into my mind:

Believe in yourself until you are proven wrong.
I understand this statement in aspects:
1, honesty: you are truthful to yourself;
2, capability of reasoning. You need a functioning rational mind to reach the reasonable assumptions based on observations;
3, objective: this is the natural outcome of the rational mind --- a rational mind would guarantee the recognition and admission of your own mistakes.

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Tolerence - the measurement of physical and mental health

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If we take the tolerance on different types of foods as ONE OF measurements of our physical health, the tolerance on different cultures and ideas could also be one of measurements of mental health.

By my own observation, most Chinese people oversea who accept western foods are those with great physical health. On the contrary, those who do not or cannot accept western foods are either physically unhealthy or, at older age (not those Chinese Americans who grew up here, but those who immigrated here at relatively older age). So if my observation is valid, the same rule can be applied to our mentality: the healthy minds are always open to different ideas or cultures with objective understanding, not rejection.
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May 15, 2010

Differences within human being

It is not hard to figure out the common factors in our human nature, but it IS difficult to discover what made us differently.

May 7, 2010

Lu Xun

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Lu Xun, a writer who lived in early of last century, criticized Chinese traditional culture in a way like nobody else. He was almost the only one I consider as a true individual thinker during modern Chinese history. He was called "Nietzsche in China".
In one of his articles he mocked about someone who tried to write a book about chinese history:
(These are not the original words but what i remembered)
Why do we need to write a BOOK about Chinese history? that's a waste. 2 sentences will do it: the eras that everybody were enslaved happily, and the eras that everybody desperately wanted to be slave but couldn't.

I think this explained how difficult for the democracy to be prevailed China.

The link of Lu Xun in Wikipedia:

Love relationship

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Any kind of love relationships (family, romantic and friendships) are a kind of life form, as soon as being made, they need care to stay healthy and alive.
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