March 23, 2010


Laura (In Treatment)Image by r9M via Flickr

"Love is bigger than any rules."

by Gina --- a therapist (character) from TV show "In treatment"

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March 14, 2010

Negative & positive

This is the Yin-yang symbol or Taijitu (࣪...Image via Wikipedia

It seems to me that lots of people confused "negative attitude" with "talking about negative things". They simply consider them as one thing, which means if you mentions anything bad, you are just a negative person. Also they seems to believe that one can be positive just by ignoring bad things, instead of facing them. But the truth is: positive attitude is built on the fact that first, we could facing negative things; second, we are capable to take them in a light way. Only a weak mind need good things all the time to make it feel good; and only those who can take negative things positively can be count as positive people.

Well, it's a simply truth. I know.
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March 13, 2010


Paris Exposition: Palace of Electricity, Paris...Image by Brooklyn Museum via Flickr

Have no talent or intelligence, know nothing more than textbooks. They can easily make living because they can be very conveniently put in some specific "fields" in modern society - a giant machine that has been dehumanized by specializing, such as engineers, technicians, programmers, even professors. As matter of fact, they function just fine except one profession: medical doctors, where they dangerously do more harm than good.
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"San Francisco" - Joy From Paradise

City and County of San FranciscoImage via Wikipedia

I heard this song over 20 years ago, still remember how I tried so hard to memorize the music whenever I caught it on radio. Later I tried to find tape of this song but never did. Finally, 20 year later in the home of this song I was able to identify it - the "love of my life" - San Francisco by Scott Mackenzie.
The impression this song gives me is always smooth, relaxing and bright - full of sunshine - a pure joy in paradise. And since the first time I heard this song, San Francisco remained as a Paradise on this planet to me.
This video below shows exactly what I would imagine for a Paradise. It is black and white, but I see so many colors inside.

March 4, 2010

A sudden blue of the day...

It is one of those days... I was doing some researches for a writing about gay & lesbians movements in USA (the writing is in Chinese). I went through history (world history) and read some documents about persecutions toward homosexuals. It was gruesome. And again I was convinced that human is worse than animals.
Anyone with a decent brain please ask yourself this question: who the hell would CHOOSE to be homosexual to give himself/herself chances to be discriminated even persecuted in such brutal way?

March 3, 2010

“Normality” vs “abnormality” --- from Tiger Woods to Michael Jackson

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For me, Tiger Woods is perfectly normal, just like everybody else, and Michael Jackson was abnormal but not necessarily guilty as pedophile. But it seems that most people don't take it this way.

While so many normal people addict into sex everyday, they demand a role model such as Tiger Woods to be abnormal--- to show the world that our human being does have hope to put our animal sides under control. Of course their attempt fell flat. And a label “sex addiction” "scientifically" proved the "guilt" of Tiger Woods. As a result, all other “normal” people are still safe to have as much sex as they want, free from people’s judgment and “diagnoses” of psychologists.
On the other hand, while people frenziedly demand someone’s “abnormality” for some reasons, they showed no tolerance for true “abnormality” --- “difference” or “complex” in my own dictionary --- such as Michael Jackson. I believe that the reason most people were so sure about Michael Jackson’s guilt is only because for people THEMSELVES, to engage in sexual behaviors with children is the only reason for them to sleep with children in the same bed. But they forgot that while something is true for most people, DOES NOT mean it’s true for EVERYBODY.

Yes, people are complicated.

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