March 13, 2010


Paris Exposition: Palace of Electricity, Paris...Image by Brooklyn Museum via Flickr

Have no talent or intelligence, know nothing more than textbooks. They can easily make living because they can be very conveniently put in some specific "fields" in modern society - a giant machine that has been dehumanized by specializing, such as engineers, technicians, programmers, even professors. As matter of fact, they function just fine except one profession: medical doctors, where they dangerously do more harm than good.
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  1. I think you can only judge experts individually and in a specific context. Some do know more than others about specific topics do they not? But when they are labeled such - in a court of law for instance- the danger is that their mistakes can be taken as fact. This is not the fault of the label, but of the situation, yes?

  2. eh... I might be a little too cynical here.