March 3, 2010

“Normality” vs “abnormality” --- from Tiger Woods to Michael Jackson

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For me, Tiger Woods is perfectly normal, just like everybody else, and Michael Jackson was abnormal but not necessarily guilty as pedophile. But it seems that most people don't take it this way.

While so many normal people addict into sex everyday, they demand a role model such as Tiger Woods to be abnormal--- to show the world that our human being does have hope to put our animal sides under control. Of course their attempt fell flat. And a label “sex addiction” "scientifically" proved the "guilt" of Tiger Woods. As a result, all other “normal” people are still safe to have as much sex as they want, free from people’s judgment and “diagnoses” of psychologists.
On the other hand, while people frenziedly demand someone’s “abnormality” for some reasons, they showed no tolerance for true “abnormality” --- “difference” or “complex” in my own dictionary --- such as Michael Jackson. I believe that the reason most people were so sure about Michael Jackson’s guilt is only because for people THEMSELVES, to engage in sexual behaviors with children is the only reason for them to sleep with children in the same bed. But they forgot that while something is true for most people, DOES NOT mean it’s true for EVERYBODY.

Yes, people are complicated.

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  1. complicated, and mostly hypocrites. That is, they are not honest with themselves.

  2. Can't understand this obsession people have with the lives of celebrities. You'd think they had no life of their own.

  3. good points and the details are more specific than elsewhere, thanks.

    - Murk

  4. np, I understand what you mean. There is such a cult of celebrity.

    Yeah, in a way, I do think their lives are not their own--they give away too much time to watching celebrities, it becomes part of their lives.

    Also, celebrities are usually extreme in some way, either positive or negative, and humans seem fascinated by the extreme.

    Or maybe it keeps them feeling alive by following contemporary pop culture and having something to share with others.

    For many others, I think that, because we are such a celebrity cult, we are conditioned to want to be like them. Why? Because of all the attention, adoration, approval celebrities get, that ordinary people don't in their own sad lives.

    Our value systems are getting more and more screwed up as time goes by, it seems. Sad.