November 9, 2010

Jack Bauer fact

It seems addictive to read Jack Bauer Fact:

November 4, 2010

Van Gogh - a priceless life

Self-Portrait, Spring 1887, Oil on pasteboard,...

Many people wondered why Van Gogh's "sunflowers" worth that much money, my answer is: they are NOT worth that much MONEY but they are priceless.

Today I discovered another website about Van Gogh's works. There were many paintings I have not seen before. Again, like over 20 years ago, that fresh striking impression just rushed before my eyes.

If I have to use just one sentence to describe why Van Gogh was one of greatest artists in history, I would say: because he simply re-created his life through his works.

Vase with 12 sunflowers
Vase with 12 sunflowers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It is my understanding that art is not really about subject matters, but “form”, which includes color, line, shape, brush strokes, etc.. Through this form, artists re-create their life. So from this perspective, what we see in Van Gogh’s paintings are NOT sunflowers, NOT crop fields, orchards, etc., instead, what we see is Van Gogh himself in person - his grief, his despair, his painful struggling for life.

Van Gogh had a very painful personal life journey, died at 37, yet, he desired life, fervently, as his paintings tell us. His paintings are all his life's continuation, so Van Gogh never died!

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November 3, 2010

Hard time - a test for real friendships?

Friendship in Uzbekistan (Sigismund von Dobsch...Image via Wikipedia

I understand some time all of us got some tough time and may not share every detail of our personal difficulties with our friends, even the closed ones. And I understand most time we don't even want to share - we rather keep our troubles with ourselves in order to protect our personal pride. However, if I knew one of my dear friends were in serious trouble and need help, I would not leave her/him alone. I would stand side by side with her/him, or if I were busy with my life, I would still once a while send my comfort or encouragement, to let her/him know that I am there, etc.. because I understand, that when in serious troubles, all we need is hope, encouragement, and the belief that one day, we will get out of shadow.

Well, it appears to me that not all people thinking like this way. For years I happened to be the one in the trouble water and many of my friends - a few of them had friendship with me for decades - faded away from my life. The darkness that overwhelmed me was intense and long term, I understand many of them were just out of patience. So I let it go. But a few of them were really close to me and I used to devoted lot of emotion and energy to them. So it hurts.

Nevertheless I still believe what I believed - real friends would willing to share everything, light or dark, happiness and bitterness. However, when I shared this idea with some people, I was told that I required too much.

People say if you found that everybody is having problem with you, the problem is usually yours. But I don't think this saying can explain my case. I refused to think it was my problem for losing friendships, because I never ever tried to put my personal trouble to my friends' shoulders. All I did "wrong" was expecting some comfort or mental support, which I totally deserved. But of course, my expectation went in vain.

There is Chinese saying that your hard time is a real test for friendship. I found it was true. Sadly, many of my dear friends failed the test.

I move forward.
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