December 25, 2009

Does knowledge have limitation?

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I think it does. If we admit that our human being has limitation, so does our reason and our knowledge. Thus I believe that being skeptical is the right attitude to have for a real scientist or a rational human being.
However, this does not mean that we should go for superstition. It only means that while we acknowledge our limitation, we would still respect our reason as the most reliable pathway to reach the truth.

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  1. This should be printed as a poster for every school in the world. A short post but containing a profound truth.

    However it does beg the question 'What is truth?'I think it is wrong to claim meaning for this word as a noun. Maybe 'The Truth' is fine when it refers to something that can be checked out as factual, correct, accurate, to SOME degree of certainty.

    'Meaning' is often like a cloud - no sharp edges and changing every second that passes. And if you get inside one............ However, every cloud is real,and clear enough at a distance - some truths, and some meanings fall sadly short of reality, do they not?

    'God is love' Two towering cumulae (plural anyone?) But one of them is a fantasy, certainy.

  2. Thank you for your kind words! I am flattered.
    The metaphor of cloud for "truth" is inspiring.
    We have some thoughts in common. As matter of fact, my name "Yun" in Chinese means "cloud" and "Yi" means "change".
    I have difficulty to understand your last paragraph. what is "cumulae"? Don't bother to explain if you are busy.
    Take care!