July 2, 2010

Fantasies vs. True Stories

Lorelai and Hummingbirds Mermaid Fairy Fantasy ArtImage by Glimmerfae via Flickr

I can never really enjoy any fantasy stories (maybe I will try harder in future). The reason is simple, the true life stories are far more fascinating than any stories made by human's imaginations.

When we write stories, we are often concern about their "genuineness", because we don't want our stories look "fake", but reality doesn't work like this way - it only follows whatever happens. And the result is often beyond our understanding and our imagination.
That's why reality often looks fake; that's why when many people disbelieve some very simple clear truth, it only shows how limited our imagination is, how poor our understanding is.

That's why for me, life itself is the best fantasy work ever created.

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  1. Well-stated. This is similar to my own position. Reality is much more diverse and unpredictable than any work of fiction.

  2. I agree with both you and with nothingprofound and thought you stated the unpredictability of reality in a beautiful way in your post.