March 31, 2011

Kill Bill

Cover of "Kill Bill - Volume Two"Cover of Kill Bill - Volume Two
Kill Bill is an action/Kung Fu moive, probably one of bloodiest movies ever made. Not particularly a Kung Fu or action movie fan, I was able to enjoy it from the beginning to the end.

The actress of leading role Uma Thurman is extremely charming. She is tall and strong, yet sexy and beautiful. But not only the charm of Uma Thurman, the incredible story of revenge, the extremely exaggerated yet professionally designed Kung Fu actions (however I don't buy any of those Pai Mei's sh*t), the believable passion stretched in between two professional killers, and finally, the unparalleled performance of Uma Thurman, both on Kung Fu technique and passionate personality, all of these, made this movie very interesting to me. As matter of fact, the end of movie was ridiculously touching.

I must to mention, the artificial visual effects made the violent scenes much less disturbing.

It was after I watched the two movies of "Kill Bill" (Vol. 1 & Vol.2) that I realized that Uma Thurman also played "June" in "Henry and June", one of my favorite movies adapted from Anais Nin's book. This certainly increased my fondness to this "violent" movie.

There will be a third volume coming out in 2014. I will make sure to watch it.
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  1. I'm a huge fan Q. Tarantino work, especially Kill Bill. Uma Thurman kicked butt with her Hansu sword.

  2. thanks zobop republic! i have not watched many Q. Taratino but Kill Bill is certainly very entertaining.