May 13, 2011

Crop Circles - Art of mystery

Crop Circles 1995-1999Image by frankdasilva via FlickrLong time ago I watched TV news about crop circle hoax. Since then I never bothered again with this "phenomenon". I do not remember details of this news but roughly recall two men were busy working in the field under moonlight. Just recently I "accidentally" watched some videos about this subject from youtube. This time, I was absolutely stunned by the beauty of these amazing "formations".

By my spontaneous nature I immediately dove into some mysterious causes of these beautiful "creatures". One of documentaries from youtube was especially fascinating - it tells that one of crop circles was obviously responding to the (binary?) message that NASA sent to out space over 20 years ago (Crop Circles Decoded?). Beside such kind of amazing ideas, the perfect geometries, the precise design and the allegedly short time of their appearance, really overwhelm me. And I cannot help to wonder, how could people on this earth stay so calm?

It proves it is not so hard to stay calm. After I did some "researches", my attitude started leaning to another side: they are all man-made. I cannot say I am 100% convinced, but most likely the chance of being otherwise is slim.

There are also many "scientific" facts about these formations have been claimed by many "experts", such as energy changed, or "the composition of soil was completely changed"*, etc. I am not a scientist so I cannot disprove those claims.

One thing I am quite certain about is, these formations are not designed by people who are solely "artistic", nor by some simple/playful motive, but with extremely good artistic taste and high intelligence, because all these formations show incredible design sense, and all of them (for what I saw on internet) made with incredibly geometrical precision. Personally I don't not believe they were made by random amateurs. But how did this technique and unique design talent spread over the world, is simply a mystery to me.

It was said the creators of crop circles have never claimed authorship because they want to "sustain the mystery"*. Based on the article "Crop Circle Conundrum"*, one of experts said:
"In our culture, art is all to do with artists: it’s about whodunit, not about what art does. With the circles, it’s about the effect they have on people." This certainly makes a good point but I am not convinced that this is the reason they stay in hidden. But if it is, I am sure they are having great fun.

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  1. I have read that there is a difference between the man made ones and the naturally occurring ones - something to do with a change in the structure of the plant stalks where they are bent not by crushing, but by some other mysterious force. Like you I am not quite sure what to think about these, but they are fascinating.

  2. thanks anji! it would be breathtakingly amazing if these were made by something supernatural beings!