April 7, 2012

Genius, Inspiration and Perspiration

Animal Genius
Animal Genius (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
"Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration." Not sure who said this, but I disagree. I think genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent enjoyment.

Believing genius is 99% perspiration is just a "day dream" which make people believe that anyone can achieve the same as a genius does as long as she/he puts lots of effort . This is totally untrue. To me, such kind of achievement-driven philosophy is neither realistic nor necessary. I think, the only thing one could do to get close to a genius, is to enjoy life in maximum. In this case, one can be 99% same and only 1% difference from a genius (1% of different talent).

Needless to mention, I actually believe we all are genius if we can enjoy our life in maximum.
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  1. You wrote today! Good! I think you are very correct in your thought about enjoying our lives - I believe this to be true. A good and thankful attitude is key to overcoming much in life. I believe that Thomas Edison is the author of your quote - and I think his idea of hard work and never giving up being central to success is actually true to some extent. Of course, he was a genius - so he has a little bit of leeway! :)

  2. thanks melody. i do believe the 99% hard work that a genius does is more joy than "hard".
    yes, you are right, the quote is from Edison. i now remember that i learned that quote when i was still a student.