May 8, 2013

Two Different Kinds of Humans

The Moon is the most common major object viewe...
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It seems, in regard to knowing the ultimate truth (of universe, of life), humans can fall only in these two different categories: those who don't know, and those who pretend to know.  

(Did I hear someone saying this or it came out of my own mind? Anyhow, it is what I believe now)


  1. Ah yes.
    We cannot know ALL about anything.
    Cheers, ic

  2. Yun Yi, yes, we always think we know it all, until a little later when life proves us wrong....again.

  3. True, yunyi. And what's most peculiar about the pretenders is all those who choose to believe them.

    *incidentally, yunyi, I've been unable to connect to BC all day today. How about you?*

  4. np, BC is down all day long. I received the notice from facebook. It would be great if you have facebook page. Kris, Madilyn, motherof9, Angie and Tony and many other friends are all there and we have lots of fun there :-)

  5. Yun Yi, you have summed up the two different kinds of humans perfectly!

  6. Yun, I obviously fall in the bracket of 'pretenders', yet I believe the answer to the question of life is '42'.

  7. Uma, I heard about 42. Something related to 12/21/2012?