August 4, 2013

Individual Happiness

Happiness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The more tragedies we saw in this world, the more we should try to make ourselves happy. This is because the only way to make this world less miserable is to appreciate lives, and the most directly individual lives we could appreciate are ourselves.


  1. Sometimes we just don't see how happy we could be until we see what others have endured with a smile.

    There are people who have nothing, who don't eat for days and find it difficult to even grow food but yet they still muster a genuine smile on their face. There are those who have lost loved ones, had hardship on every level but they appreciate the fact they are still alive and have a happiness that can't be explained.

    Yes, we should appreciate our lives, at the least.

  2. Whenever I hear about something horrible that has happened I count my blessings and give each member a family a hug. So much information is available today, allowing us to hear so many horror stories, making it more important for us to reach for the joys.

  3. Thanks Kris!
    Janene, what you said touched the heart of this short message of mine. Thanks!

  4. There's so much unhappiness in the world already. Why add to it by being miserable oneself?

  5. Thanks Marty! Your expression is certainly more succinct. I love it!

  6. Well said, Yun Yi! A beautiful aphorism on appreciating happiness.