March 24, 2014

Faith And Truth

Telescope and night sky
Telescope and night sky (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Faith probably is the most important thing for survival and happiness, but truth is the only thing matters for an honest mind.


  1. Yun, I agree that “truth is the only thing that matters for an honest mind.” But I am not sure I’d say that faith is the most important thing for survival and happiness. Faith, not necessarily religious but as a strong belief in something, is important to some degree but I wouldn’t call it the most important for survival and happiness. To me, more important than faith would be maintaining a positive state of mind.

    1. madilyn, thanks for your thoughtful input.
      i am not entirely sure that faith is "the most important thing for survival or happiness", that's why i added "probably". by saying "faith", i certainly don't mean religion. i sometime think that "faith", or hope, can be understood as "positive mind". i.e., the world is full of darkness, but we still keep hope of light.

    2. Yes, I would agree with that!