October 2, 2014


English: Diagram of Myopia in the human eye
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Shortsightedness, other than its clinical definition, can be understood as the lack of ability to look at reality from an angle that is beyond (or wider than) personal experience and current moment. People with shortsightedness, more or less, would fail to see hope when in negative situations, or, take things for granted when in positive situations.


  1. An excellent definition of shortsightedness and I agree!

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    1. Thanks Julia for stopping by and commenting!

  3. The issue, I think, lies in one's definition of reality. Interesting examination of this topic!

    1. Thanks Kris. I guess I am using it as its very broad term. Also, I found to understand reality is different from living in reality. The latter we can focus on "now and here", the former we need to surpass our own world. That's what I am thinking recently. :-)