November 27, 2014

Saving Mr Banks - Conquering The Dark Past By Creativity

Again, I watched Saving Mr Banks by chasing Ruth Wilson's filmography, and was again satisfied. Not only I was impressed by Wilson's play, also I was surprised to see that another favorite actress of mine - Emma Thompson - was the leading actress of the film.

Saving Mr Bank is about the life of P.L. Travers, the author of Mary Poppins. The film focuses on the part of her life when she comes to America with hesitation to meet Walt Disney (played by Tom Hanks), working with other Disney film workers to adapt her book into Disney film. Prior to this point, Walt Disney has been begged her to adapt her book for 20 years, and Travers, who detests Cartoon culture, does not agree until her own financial situation is in trouble. During the teamwork in Disney, the movie constantly flashes back to Travers earlier life, reveals the childhood trauma that Travers carries all her adult life.

Travers is a rigid English woman who is extremely difficult to work with. All their effort in Disney simple fails because of her uneasy personality and her contempt toward American pop culture. Yet, when Disney finally understands what's behind Travers' difficult personality, he succeeds his goal, finally obtains the right of adaptation.

I found what this movie really about is overcoming our long term deep trauma. Walt Disney eventually persuades Travers by his profound understanding about human misery, and his wisdom of coping with such misery - defeat it by our creativity.

Despite the story's profoundness, the overall atmosphere of the movie is bright. All actors and actresses' performances are excellent, especially Emma Thompson and Ruth Wilson. It's an outstanding drama that I would sincerely recommend.


  1. I love the message, Yun.
    Creativity is a powerful therapeutic force. Creativity is love.

    1. Thanks Julia! Agree that creativity is love!
      Happy Thanksgiving!