June 28, 2009

Michael Jackson, a genius that lives forever! ----“people“ killed him!

May 25, 2009, Michael Jackson passed away suddenly, shocked the world. As one of his fans and unconditional admirers, I am not only shocked, but also sad and angry.
I am in deep grief for his leaving; I am also in tremendous anger for the cruelty that the society had been put on such a genius. It seems that Michael Jackson's life, started right after he was born, was a victim of ignorance and greed. First from his abusive father, later from the society. People, under the banner of morality, had been violently attacked his personal life without mercy.
If we look at the history, there were plenty of extraordinary human beings had been put on trials by “people”. Intelligence and talent have been always judged and condemned by mediocrity and ignorance. I have acknowledged that “people”, in many cases, stands for “ignorance”, because whenever they found something out of their understanding, they tend to accuse them and try to deprive the right of their existence. They believe that “difference” means sin; “abnormal” means harmful. What “People” can never, ever learn is "tolerance".
Greedy, selfish, endless rumors and accusations continuously devastated such a prodigy, a soul that could never grow up due to his miserable childhood. Now he is gone, without saying goodbye, as a lonely soul and a traumatized “child” who never stopped explaining his innocence to “people". But look what he left to the “people”? A huge and the most precious contribution to our human creation! And also, of course, an unexplainable emotional shock and confusion to those “people”, who hurt him consciously or unconsciously. . .
Heal the world, let’s make a better place for Genius!

To Michael Jackson

With a style that destroys mediocrity
You blazed through the mankind –
Talent strikes, normality fades
Flaming dance emblazes the passion,
over a stage that is beyond the touch of human
Michael, may your soul rest in a better place
Your vitality continue to shine on this earth…

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