June 2, 2009

Religions and tolerance, do they really go together?

People are always talking about religions* and tolerance, as if they always go together. I just don't get it!
Look at any religions' doctrine, which one would tell you that other Gods are also Gods, deserve your repect? Which one would NOT tell you that their Gods are the "only one God"? In other words, other religions are all Lies, other Gods are all forged, or even worse, are Devils. So base on this logic, how could those believers who hold "only one true belief" also respect others' "wrong beliefs"? How could people who follow one certain religion would not feel like they are "superior" than others?
I truly believe, the real tolerance only go with none-religious minds.
Please prove that I am wrong if you can.


  1. I believe in religious tolerance as a Christian because of what the Bible teaches. Jesus calls us to have faith in him, and to love God. Faith and love are only meaningful if freely given - you can't actually force someone to become a Christian, because enforced faith and enforced love are not genuine. God calls us to follow him, but gives us the choice. If I want people to have the opportunity to know God, they need to have the freedom to choose or reject him themselves.

    Also, my respect for other people's freedom of belief is not based on their beliefs. I respect the person, not necessarily their beliefs. The Bible teaches that everyone is created in the image of God, and so for that reason I treat each person with dignity and respect, even if I think their beliefs are wrong.

    Genuine tolerance means disagreeing with someone but respecting them and treating them well anyway. If you don't think they are wrong, then there is no disagreement to tolerate.

  2. I agree completely. On the basis of what I've read here, I think you may be interested in an essay on the subject titled Knowledge or Certainty.

  3. @dennis hodgson,
    thanks for the link. i will certainly go read it.