April 9, 2011

Harry's Law

I was not much in TV shows but since my chronic health problems prevented me from more "meaningful" activities, I have to "condescend" myself to watch some and found them very entertaining. One of them is "Harry's Law".

Cathy Bates is my all time favorite actress. In this show, she plays the leading role Harriet Korn, a lawyer who is fired and starts her own law firm ("Harry's Law") in a very dangerous neighborhood. By several "interesting" accidents she encounters several "interesting" people and unwillingly hires them to work together. Each episode is about some different individual cases they deal with.

I am not that into law business. Personally I even had quite unhappy experience with lawyers, so I did not really count too much on this show, but Cathy Bates made it different. She is always so natural, cordial and intellectually funny, even in this boring lawyers' business. What also made me like this show even more is that this show reveals a fact/problem which I found is so true in this country, or elsewhere, that there is no "justice" in justice system (of course MUCH better than in China).

It's a good show. I have only watched a few episodes but already hooked.

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