April 4, 2011

Whispers and Lies

Cover of "Whispers and Lies"Cover of Whispers and LiesHow am I going to put this? A little strange yet extreme alluring story about a "boring" life of a middle aged woman? No. The first thing I would tell you about this book is: You are not going to believe what you get at the end! Never ever a book shocked me like that!

Whispers and Lies (by Joy Fielding) tells a story about a single middle aged nurse Terry Painter, who rents her cottage to an attractive young woman Alison Simms. After the young lady moves in, Terry's life changes, from a monotone daily routine into some seemingly exciting social events, one after another, even followed by a possible perfect love affair, which she has not dared to dream for for long time. But, things do not go like what she expected, she soon finds herself losing control of all these "excitements".

The beginning chapter is extremely captive (at least to me), but the first 80% of book requires some patience, then, you will get a real treat, finding yourself on a roller-coaster, experiencing something absolutely breathtaking!

The story is more than just murder. The psychological twists in this book reveal a very dark side of family relationship. It probably is the darkest I have ever seen among all mystery fictions I've read, among real life stories as well.

I have read many murder mysteries and forgot many of them, but this one (along with several other favorites) remain unforgotten, both the story and the shocking moments. It is indeed a bit strange yet extremely well composed suspense novel.


  1. An unforgettable murder story calls for attention! Maybe someday when I am bored to hell like the middle aged nurse Terry Painter -come to think of it, I'm also middle aged-, I'll read this!