June 13, 2011

Ellen Degeneres - A True Genius of Love

If people asked me who was my favorite actors or actress, I might not have an immediate answer, but if people asked am who was my favorite comedian, my answer would be straight and simple: Ellen Degeneres.

I was so impressed by her early stand up shows (I even ran for a live one in Northampton, Mass). All her early stand up shows were incredibly hilarious and philosophic! Reminding me lot of Taoist ideas about life. She was the first American person (I know of) I consider as a Taoist.

The first stand up show I watched was "New Beginning" - the show she performed on her first tour after she came out from her "down time" (her hollywood career was destroyed by her coming out in 90s). I watched this show on VHS type. Now it's on youtube:

It is a true inspiring piece about life.

Later, her new stand up show "Here and Now" came out:

"Here and Now" is all about the "boring" "procrastination", but by my opinion this is a true masterpiece of Taoism about time and life. I highly recommand who ever interested in Taoism and Ellen as a genius thinker (she actually only had high school diploma) watch these brilliant comedy stand up. You will not be disappointed!

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