June 10, 2011

Spiritual Reality - Journey Within

A friend of mine sent me this video presentation about Buddhist concepts such as Meditation, Knowledge, Energy, Consciousness, Life and Death, etc.
Not sure how superstitious you would find, I found it both inspiring and superstitious. Several interesting quotes from video:

Sleep is an unconscious meditation; meditation is conscious sleep;
Meditation is nothing but a journey of our Consciousness toward "self";
Knowledge is nothing but experience;
Consciousness is a combination of Energy and Knowledge.


  1. I will watch the video later at leisure...I enjoyed the first quote here about sleep and meditation...meditation is putting thoughts to sleep :)

  2. thanks! there is something inspiring in the video.

  3. Haven't watched the video yet, but I like how you described the quotes as both "inspiring and superstitious".

    Sometimes enigmatic statements annoy me. I don't enjoy the mystery; I want things clear.

    I studied Buddhism for a while. I loved many aspects of it; I found it very psychological and moral and clear. What I could not accept was ritual, hierarchy, and, yes, superstition.