August 25, 2011

Two Different Kinds of Moral Standards

Happy human Humanist logoImage via WikipediaI think there are two different kinds of moral standards: social and humanistic (yet to find a more accurate word).

The social moral standards are mostly created by human for establishing social stability. These include laws, religion doctrines and common customs (based on traditional ideology). The humanistic standards are discovered by our conscience, which derives from our nature. The former favors more on social needs, the latter more on individual rights.

History of moral system seems to evolve from strict social morality, which forbid individual desires or needs, toward humanistic morality, which embraces more and more individual rights. Examples such as marriage, patriotism, homosexuality, religious, etc. all demonstrated this route.
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  1. I really like the progression of your thoughts here - social standards vs individual/humanistic realizations. Thanks for sharing :)