September 1, 2011

The Situation of Contemporary Chinese Intellects - Inside or Outside of Jails

China's FIRST McDonald'sImage by flickr.Marcus via FlickrIn China, a best thing to a truthful intellect to do is either to be courageous inside jail, or stay silent outside of jail, because there is no way for a honest person to open his/her month and being honest at the same time without being persecuted under current (or almost anytime in history Chinese) political and cultural circumstance.

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  2. Horrible, so horrible! How repressive, especially to sensitive, free-loving souls. No wonder you have rebelled.

    I'm afraid that, in time, things might become like that in the US. I see more and more controls in our lives and less and less freedom throughout my life. It's scary.

  3. It is horrible! I think the worse thing is that people live in the environment do not aware of the pain. Their indifference toward conscience made those who are the most intelligent suffer!

  4. Yes, excellent point. That is the way it usually works. Yet, everyone is just trying to get along, to survive, to be happy (and ignorance is a kind of happiness, no?). And I believe they have the right to live their lives as they choose, as long as it doesn't harm others. Ahhhh, there is the "catch".

    What is the solution, though? I think these human issues have always existed. Are we going to change, do you think? (I sure hope so!)