September 25, 2011

Mildred Pierce (2011) - A Mother-Daughter Complex

I had a glance at Mildred Pierce on HBO a while ago and was attracted by the "look" of this TV show. After seeing Kate Winslet's winning Emmy award this year, I decided to watch this show from beginning to end. After I did it I was totally satisfied!

KW did a fantastic job on the rule of Midred Pierce - a hard working woman who put all her love on her daughter yet at the time spoils her daughter until it's too late. Her performing was so convincing that every moment of Mildred's appearance on screen was virtually real. I believe I saw one of the best acting on "mother" (another on I could recall was Night, Mother by Anne Bancroft).

Different from most other contemporary movies or TV shows that mostly focus on mystery, romance or violence, the story of Mildred Pierce focuses on protagonist's passion - passion for her daughter and her career, and eventually, the cruelty of fate. At the end, despite of the fact that all things go wrong, life of Mildred Pierce continues.
I think it is precisely this theme (passion) that gave KW plenty of room to display her talent of acting.

After I finished watching the TV series, I found there is an original movie in 1945 by the same name. I too watched the movie. I must say, KW's performance is not any less than Joan Crawford's, except KW's reached a deeper level of exploring the complexity of a mother's emotion.

Prior to watching Mildred Pierce, I watched Revolutionary Road and The Reader. KW's was leading actress in both movies and I was highly impressed. I will be totally proud of being called a Kate Winslet  fan. That's how much I love her. 


  1. Yunyi, have you seen the original film with Joan Crawford? It's excellent.

  2. I watched (you probably did not finish reading my blog;-)). It was a great movie with mysterious story line. However I like KW so much so I did enjoy TV show more.

  3. I've seen both versions and both are wonderful--and different from each other.

    I love Kate Winslet, also! And agree that Mildred Pierce series was excellent. (Wish we had more quality programming like that!)

    Yes, because of several factors, and especially the time factor, I think KW's Mildred Pierce is a character more flushed out and complex. This version said so much more.

    Back in the Days of Crawford, with the "code", things could only be hinted at. Sometimes charming, sometimes annoying.

    Anyway, you have good taste! ;0)

  4. Thanks Psachno! I am glad you like this show too.