November 26, 2011

Reason of Falsifiability - Quote from Liu Xiaobo

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The biggest mistake within all mistakes humans ever made is avoiding making mistakes; the most foolish foolishness within all foolishness of humans is believing in absolutes; the weakest weakness within all weaknesses of humans is establishing power. There is no omnipotent power, not God, not science, not Truth itself. This is the enlightenment that "Reason of falsifiability*" brought to human kind.

--- Liu Xiaobo, Spirit of Reason

*"Reason of falsifiability" is my temporary translation which may not be entirely correct.
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  1. yunyi, the quote is excellent. I agree with all three parts of the statement.

  2. I enjoyed this quote by Liu. Everything changes with perspectives, and even when we are looking at the same thing, depending on our angle of vision, we describe it differently. With the passing years, I am realizing that the best we can do is appreciate one another with wonder and respect. Thanks very much for translating and sharing :)