November 17, 2011

We Are Not (Only) Equal Before "God"

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Instead, we are equal before each others.

I found, after turning into Christians (or any other religions), many people learned to "tolerate", to tolerate something once made them unbearable, such as family violence, abuse, etc. In other words, after turning into religions, they learned to obey the power, simply because of the promising payback - "justice" in "next" life, or "happiness" in that "infinite" life. So "we are equal before God" in many cases (to me) sends a message as such: "we are not equal before each other".

Don't you find this a huge convenience for injustice to prevail? I do. Even though I understand their choices - we humans mostly ARE fragile, especially regarding to our capability of enduring loneliness. That's how many people rather choose yielding to injustice than living alone, rather choose following others' thoughts than believing themselves. And this temporary "harmony" composed by "tolerance" of weak side and "aggression" by powerful side does exist everywhere and last very very long, only interrupted by periodic "crusades" - a never disappeared collective violence.

P.S. I do understand that "we are equal before God" also sends a positive message: giving hope to this hopeless world. I believe that these two sides of same coin are not mutually exclusive.
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