December 14, 2011

I Love "Golden Girls"

I don't remember when was the first time I watched this sitcom, all I remember is whenever I saw this show on TV, those girls made me laugh!
I never felt tired about this show. Why? Not because of "brilliant" story lines, not because of any magnificent philosophy, or psychological stunts, but simply because of vivid "personalities" of those "golden girls": the always wise and sharp Dorothy; innocent and naive Rose; and that sexist woman of planet Blanche. Of course, I won't miss that "the older she gets, the naughtier she is" Sophia - who seems to be so disconnected biologically with her daughter Dorothy but psychologically she does have the best chemistry with her giant daughter.

Susan Harris was the writer of this show. She was also a victim of CFS/ME, which let her wrote an episode "Sick and Tired" - a humorous demonstration of a disease that is still yet to be understood. Below was the part of this episode when Dorothy "claims" she was sick but it ends out that Blanche is the "sick" one. I do think this is the best performance of Blanche (Rue Mcclanahan) in the whole show!

Really, each of these girls is a genius to me (with Susan Harris behind all of them). Words cannot express how much I adore their daily plain but fun life.

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