December 13, 2011

Relativity vs. Absolute

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In my previous post I quote Liu Xiaobo's view on "absolute". However, I just realized that based on Einstein's special relativity, all relativity of space and time is based on a single ABSOLUTE: the invariant speed of light. (experts please point out if I am wrong)
I always consider myself a skeptic so basically I doubt everything. And at the same time I would keep a possibility in my mind that there might be an "absolute" exists. It seems Einstein's theory proves I am right. Of course, if there is no ABSOLUTE, where does RELATIVITY  come from? 
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  1. "Of course, if there is no ABSOLUTE, where does RELATIVITY come from?"

    He, he. That is good...

    I still don't know if Einstein's theory of relativity has been significantly challenged. I guess so--otherwise we would call it, "The proof of relativity." :0)

  2. how it was challenged i don't know. but i suppose that's what science does.