January 8, 2012

Thoughts on God's Forgiveness

Christ Suffering
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Christians always talking about God's love by exhibiting God's compassion to those who committed serious crimes, such as violence, murder or even genocide, but not mentioning a word of what God could do for suffering (I am not talking about next life, or in heaven ,but in this life, on this place "God" created by his hands). So, why does God have this over abundant love or compassion to take care of murderers - by repeatedly showing his guarantee of their entering heaven (of course with one condition: becoming a christian at the end of life), but not have enough love and power to stop suffering of innocent people?

I am not talking about that we should not forgive, but it is my understanding that, compassion should always go to sufferers first, not criminals. So God must think differently. If not, how could he mess up this simply order by taking so much energy on forgiving criminals, not a little on suffering of innocents.

I do not suppose we could find an answer if we keep holding the premise of God's existence, keep trying to make sense from nonsensical Bible's words. However, if we look at this absurdity from "humans" angle, my answer is very simple: this "God"'s forgiveness to sinners (or murderers is a better word), is simply humans' excuse for their own weakness - irresponsibility.

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  1. I can hear the pain in your words. I, too, have been wounded, and struggle with understanding why these things happen. I am sorry that those Christians that you know have misrepresented God to you. A huge part of His character is justice for the downtrodden, and mercy for those who are mistreated. He promises justice to victims many times. I love the Psalms, which are often bloodthirsty in teir call for revenge for evil done! "The Lord gives righteousness and justice to all who are treated unfairly." (Psalm 103:6)I am so glad that you are writing and thinking about these deep issues. Healing can come as we express our heart's deepest cries. May you find the truth you seek. Thinking of you tonight,


  2. melody,
    thanks for commenting. i know this is such a deep issue and not everyone would like to bother, unless experience forces us to. i am not familiar with Psalms, but i will take look in future. i am glad to know, that there are always people there who trust their own heart, rather than blindly follow the doctrines, or others.

  3. I think you are touching upon a classical philosophical debate: Why do we need a "savior"? Why can't we just forgive ourselves?

    Another debate: forgiveness and mercy to perpetrators vs. victims.

    Yun Yi--you are very philosophically oriented. I love that.

    I tend to believe that "sinners" ultimately suffer as much or more than "victims". I think it is possible to have a God that loves ALL of us--good and bad--and that could show true unconditional love also to those who are perpetrators. He can hate the sin but not the sinner.

    I think it's difficult for us to understand that kind of love. I'm not sure, but I hope God is like that.

    I agree the Bible is not much help.

    I don't understand how human "irresponsibility" is responsible for the failure of punishing the guilty. It seems to me that we, in the U.S. do try to find criminals and mete out appropriate punishment.