January 25, 2013

My "Mini Stereo System"

I love music, used to collect music CDs, but during recently years as my health declined, I became very intolerant about any noise, or sound, include music. However, just about current several months, my health seems to undergo some positive change, I found I miss music again.

This time, instead of being a high tech fashion pursuer, I decided to be "traditional". Since I don't like to listen to the same music again and again, I found radio suits me better than CD player (actually I did have those time when I stuck on same music for days, even weeks. But in that case, I could go on internet). I bought a small radio, old fashioned, but high quality - it's Sony! (Though as Chinese, I should boycott Japanese goods!) Also, I purchased a pair of neat speakers, it sounds like a wonder!

So all together, I spent $41 (radio only cost me $11!) on amazon, and now I really have a nice "mini stereo system".


  1. Your story of becoming intolerant of music reminds me of my cousin. We used to listen to music together when we were young, but he now suffers from genetically related degenerative hearing loss, and to him music sounds like pure noise. Not being able to listen to music must be hard to bear.

  2. Thanks Dennis. Yes, it was not easy. Also tit was because of this temporary loss, I realized how much I enjoy music is "proportional" to my physical energy level.