March 18, 2013

A Colorful Contribution To My Bookshelf

I purchased 8 volumes of "The No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency" from, they arrived today and now are comfortably sitting on my bookshelf!

I am currently reading the volume 6 (by far there are total 13 volumes). These books are something I could pick up and put down anytime, very relaxing and joyful, instantly bring me to Africa, to my wise and kind friend Mma Ramotswe.

I am glad that I own this many of them (I will get all of them), because they are truly beautiful things: from inside to out - the content, cover design, the size, the light-weight feeling. In brief, I love everything about this book series.


  1. I've heard about this series on a radio show up here in Canada.

    People are loving these books and I should make time to read them.

    Glad you are enjoying them so much, Yun!

  2. I think I saw this on TV a couple years ago about an African woman who opened up a detective agency. I only saw a couple episodes though but it was very entertaining.

    Enjoy your books Yun Yi, I can hear the excitement in your post.

  3. @tom, I heard this book series from a chinese online friend who listened them from audio books. i thought it was interesting and found book to read and was drawn into it from the first page. Thanks!

    @RPD, I had sneak peek of tv show from youtube and it seems to capture the atmosphere of books very well, plus the African music. The story is really not traditional detective kind, like book title suggests, but about ordinary daily life in Africa (that how I could put them down). Thanks!