March 25, 2013

"In The Company of Cheerful Ladies" - A Cup of Green Tea

Just finished book 6 of The No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency - In The Company of Cheerful Ladies. I would first appreciate McCall Smith's plain use of English language, which made my reading smooth; secondly, I would say that the title of the series is highly misleading, because these books are not at all traditional detective novels: instead of focusing on case solving, drawing readers' curiosity in "who done it", these books tell stories of "plain" daily life in which we could draw significance of humanity. This book series amazes me! Reading them, is like drinking my favorite Chinese green tea (I would to try "bush tea" - Mma Ramotswe's favorite - one day), light, but its taste lasts forever.
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  1. I love these books too! I want to drink bush tea and go to Botswana!

  2. Thanks Charlene! Glad you like them too!