June 5, 2013

Flying Dream Is Back!

English: Flying Herring Gull (Larus argentatus...
English: Flying Herring Gull (Larus argentatus) on the baltic sea (4) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I had flying dream last night, or this morning, be more specifically. I dreamt I was walking on Tobacco Trail (though it did look like that trail at all), alone, felt a little dangerous, so I thought I probably should fly up, so I did! I immediately took off and flew over woods and meadow, soon I was in sky! Very interestingly, even in dream, I was thinking: "hey, finally, I am having this dream again!"

I could not remember when was the last time I had flying dream, but I believe it was at least over 15 years ago. So this is something very specially to me. Not only I had this dream back, I found in my dream last night, I took off much easier than I did in my previous flying dreams, and flew much higher.

I should celebrate and mark this as the most important invent of my snake year!

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  1. My flying dreams have always been more like floating. I can't get more than a few feet off the ground.

  2. Because you are so down to the earth! And I bet that feels good :-)

  3. Yun Yi, I've had flying dreams every couple of years or so since I was about 5 or 6. They've progressed over time to where I'm able to fly just by taking a running start, and before I know it, I'm soaring above the treetops. These are my very favorite dreams; they're absolutely liberating and exhilarating. Some people never have flying dreams. I feel really lucky to have them!

  4. excellent, Kris! It is so interesting that you take running start before flying. I don't remember how I started but the first a few moments I always hover around treetops and I love the feeling of that!

  5. That's lovely! I don't remember when I flew last in my dreams but that was fun. I have a gut feeling that it symbolises lightness of heart.

  6. Yun Yi, I think flying dreams are fabulous. That you could fly above danger in your dream, fly over woods and the meadow, up in the sky even higher than your last flying dream, that’s really special! So interesting that even in your dream, you knew it was a dream. That has happened to me a few times too. I wish I’d have flying dreams again, now I want to fly! :)

    Yes, you should celebrate this as an important event in your year of the snake, I agree! It's a very hopeful symbol.

  7. @Uma, thanks!"lightness of heart", i like that!

    @Madilyn, i am still in excitement! I wish your flying dream back soon too!

  8. Very interesting Yun Yi, because I use to always have dreams of myself levitating off the floor then slowing rising high above the trees and moving all around plus people looking up at me wondering how on earth I was able to do that.

    So I'm glad I'm not the only one flying high at night. I haven't had a dream like that for years now. I miss the sensation of it.

    Yun Yi, when you awoke did you ever feel like you could fly? It's sounds like a real stupid question but my dreams felt so real that I felt a weird feeling in the morning as if I had the ability to actually levitate (no laughing out loud please).

  9. RPD, indeed, when I woke up, I did feel I could fly!
    I guess flying dream is quite common among us. It symbols our free spirit.

  10. Wonderful, Yun!

    I have flying dreams, too but mine are more like I am swimming through the air rather than swooshing about like Superman.

    And just like RPD, when I woke up I almost felt like I could do that when awake.

    But then I sort of sink because I realized right away that it was only a dream.

  11. tom, thanks! "when I woke up I almost felt like I could do that" --- i know. it felt so good!