June 18, 2013

Thinking About Boycott A Chinese Online Magazine

My recent article "Ten Thousand Full Score Tests Aren't Worth One Happy Childhood" (published on cnd.org - Chinese New Digest) faced overwhelmingly criticizes and personal attacks. The thread in discussion forum about my article titled as such: "Is this kind of grand idea a sign of paranoia?" I did not plan to get involved in discussion but somehow I got in, and the end was not quite unhappy. 260 comments, only less than 15% supported my view points, over half of them are judgement and personal attack, the rest of them (less than 1/3) are neutral opinions.
I don't might different opinions or criticism, but in a place that I was rejected by majority, I think it's better for me to leave. However, this Chinese online magazine so far is the best one I found outside of China, and they have excellent engine support publication and discussion forums. I participated this place since 2004. So it would be a hard decision to make. I already back up all my Chinese articles. Just need a little more time, to see if I still think it's a good idea.


  1. Maybe your posts are helping people wake up so they can start thinking for themselves...maybe that's where all the vitriole is coming from. I imagine it's been nice for you to have that Chinese blogging connection. It'll figure itself out.

  2. thanks kris for your suggestion. i think it's good to have a place speak out. so, it might be good to just get my stuff published. but i definitely should try not to participate discussion. so many jerks!

  3. I wonder if all those negative reactions are robotic responses and some of them could be agreeing with you deep down. In a closed, moribund community, 15% positive reactions are a huge number. And just as Kris says, you could be awakening people. Yet, that must be viewed in light of the metal peace or disquiet it could be causing you. Is that worth it?

  4. The title of that article alone is truth. I would like to read a translated version of that one day.

    For the negative responses you got - forget them.

    They are the type of people who will never understand that Sam Cooke song you wrote so wonderfully about in a previous article.

  5. Yun Yi, I think you really stirred up a hornet’s nest, as they say here, with your article. Good for you for writing it despite all the criticism and unwarranted personal attacks. It seems they are not quite ready for change or even the idea of change. Or perhaps, as Kris said, maybe some people are waking up and that’s where the anger is coming from. Since you’ve been participating with this Chinese online publication since 2004, it would be a hard decision to make to leave. Perhaps, as you wrote, just get your stuff published and not participate in the discussions. See what feels right for you.

  6. Please think hard before you make any quick decisions Yun Yi. The post you wrote may have just hit people very hard but in a positive way and this provoked those that don't enjoy freedom of speech. It's one thing if people don't agree with what you say, and it is good to hear other sides or opinions but what I don't like is when people 'gang up' on someone and make personal attacks which actually has nothing to do with a post. It's disheartening but don't give up because of them. Some folk don't like change and will do anything to try and stop it.

    Yun Yi, sometimes whenever you do good, evil will present itself, trying to knock you down. Stand up, shake the dust off your feet and carry on doing what you feel is right for you.

  7. You speak from the heart Yun Yi.
    You can do no better.
    Cheers, ic

  8. @Tom, thanks!

    @Madilyn, you are right, they are not ready for change yet!

    @RPD, it is true that lots of people are not used to freedom of speech, instead, they are still living under the custom of "speech of authority",that's why they believe I had no right to talk about this topic because I have no kids, no experience in children's education (they did not know I teach art for children though)

    @ic, thanks!

  9. thanks Uma. the attacks were not only to my this perticular article, but also to me as a person, because they know what kind of stuff i wrote all these years (the criticism of chinese culture). yes, i should focus on the positive reactions.