September 2, 2013

Evolution Vs. Creation

English: Human evolution scheme
English: Human evolution scheme (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Evolution doesn't necessarily disprove the existence of "creator", but it seems to disprove a "God" that is in favor of human.


  1. seems to disprove a "God" that is in favor of human" henceforth. Long live cockroaches!

  2. lol... fyi uma, i successfully killed most of cockroaches in my old townhouse recently. maybe this could be evidence of existence of god?

  3. Yun Yi, I think your aphorism is an interesting take on evolution vs creationism! I frankly think creationism is just bunk...oops, the nuns would not have liked that lol! It’s just not logical to me, but I will respect that some people believe it. Evolution makes much better sense and is science. Yes, evolution doesn’t necessarily disprove the existence of a “creator,” for those who need to believe in a creator. (Btw, Uma’s “long live cockroaches” comment gave me a good laugh!)

  4. madilyn, i agree with you about creationism. the thing is, we humans need "bunk". thanks for stopping by!