September 16, 2013

"Mountain Has Its Height, ..."

English: Traunstein Mountain seen from Traunki...
English: Traunstein Mountain seen from Traunkirchen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I found these wise words in a Chinese forum, just translated them into English:
Mountain has its height, water has its depth, there is no reason to compete;

Wind has its freedom, cloud has its tenderness, there is no reason to imitate;

Search for whatever you think is joyful; dwell on whatever you think is worth; appreciate whatever you think is happy. There is nothing would not be judged, there is nothing would not be envied;

Be truthful to yourself, follow your heart, there will be no regret;

There is only one path in life: your own path;

There are two treasures of life: good health, loving heart; (Original text: "young heart")

There are three kinds of friends: those who lend money to you; those who attend your wedding; those who attend your funeral.

There are four adversities in life: can't see through, can't give it up, can't lose, can't put it down.

There are five maxims for life: persevere no matter how hard it is; take it light no matter how valuable it is; restrain your spending no matter how rich you are; be passionate no matter how cold you are.

There are six fortunes in life: physical health; knowledge; dream; belief; confidence; courage.
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  1. I loved the one about the mountain Yun Yi. There are some things that you just can't compete with.