July 25, 2014

Lush Green, Crape Myrtle, Fleas, etc. - My Midsummer Capriccio

IMG_8108 Crape Myrtle in Full Bloom
IMG_8108 Crape Myrtle in Full Bloom (Photo credit: carlfbagge)
Since I learned words "lush green" (from my dear blogger friend Madilyn - aka "jerseylil's 2 cents") early this year, these two words jumped in my mind wherever I went, simply because that's all I saw during the season. Trees in NC are so dense that I once complained they blocked my view. Now, I learned to love them. They did not block my view, they are the view! Had I lived somewhere with wide open vista, I may lose the sight of all these beautiful plants. As I drive around everyday, I enjoy watching all the dense woods and I realized that I should only appreciate them because in somewhere people have to pay to just see them. I can't be too greedy!

North Carolina is a natural huge plantation. Here I see the most trees in my life. Not only "green", other colors joined landscape as well since spring. Pink, purple, red, white, all different kinds, show up here and there, made the view even "lusher". Among all these colorful plants, I found crape myrtle the most showy. They have all qualities of different plants: trees and flowers, deciduous or evergreen. You would mistake them as small bushes when they are young, but some of them in fact grow into 30 feet high. They are as elegant as roses or rhododendrons, as upright as maples or pines. I absolutely fall in love with them and very pleased to see we have many of them in the area. I even decide to plant several of them around my house.

Oh I love plants. So much more than I love animals. As matter of fact, I am not sure if I love animals - include humans - any more. Let's face it, what plants contribute to the earth? Oxygen, beautiful views, nutrition, cure remedy, you name it, all good thing, right? What do they take for survive? Water, light and air, which is almost nothing! For what I know plants make their own "foods" out of air and light. What animals take? Other lives. And what do they do to the world? Jeopardize each others life! Life of humans and animals is completely rely upon other lives, both animals and plants. We humans could not live independently like plants. We have to kill other lives in order to survive our own.

I have to wonder, if there were a designer, is this (living by killing each others) really a good design?

A few days ago while I was driving, I suddenly wondered, if I look at earth from sky, and imagine the earth as a cute little pet, such as a dog, plants - trees or flowers - must be the dog's hairs, beautiful and soft, nice to be touched, yet they protect the dog from harsh environment. Then what are we humans like? Fleas. Yes, we, together with all other kinds of animals, are fleas, or parasites, live on the body of this beautiful dog, bring her/him only trouble, while he/she doesn't need us at all.

I understand I am being cynic again. I better give more credit to humans or animals, since their (our) being here is not their choice. I have made decision, in my next life if I cannot choose to be an eagle - which is a selfish choice, as I just mentioned animals' lives depend on other life forms, I would be a tree, absorb light and air, quietly be part of this selfless and unconscious beauty of the Earth.

Right now it's middle of Summer. Humidity has been giving me trouble, but the beautiful view makes it worth it. And while I enjoy this lush view, I patiently wait for the autumn, another highlight of the year.


  1. Hi Yun Yi.
    I really like plants and trees also.
    I believe we all have our place here and need each other; animals, plants and humans.
    Plants need us like we need them. We provide carbon dioxide, and bees and butterflies pollinate them. Birds eat and spread their seeds, and some animals graze on plants that might otherwise crowd out others in the ecosystem.
    I agree, some humans are a threat to other living things and the planet. Its sad.

    1. Jayme, you are right, we all need each other in a way. It just seems to me that plants are all much less aggressive than animals. It's a personal opinion indeed.

  2. I agree. Plants are not capable of aggression the same as humans and animals are.

  3. Thank you, Yun! I think "lush green" is very descriptive of summer and I am glad you liked it when I used those words! I haven’t been to North Carolina but it sounds beautiful, lots of “lush green” around plus all the other gorgeous colors. Crape Myrtles are very showy, perfect summer blossoms, and it’s great that you’ve planted some around your house. My neighbor has one and I’d like to get one for my yard too.

    Plants do contribute so much to our lives and to the planet. Surely we could not survive without plants. I had to laugh at your analogy of humans to fleas but you are not far from the truth! Btw, very humid here too and I am not a fan of humidity either. A lovely post! :)

    1. Welcome, Madilyn! We have lots of Crape Myrtles here in NC. When they standing together lining up on side of roads, it's just breathtakingly beautiful!
      Talking about humidity, it was responsible for my recent relapse. I don't like it.
      Thanks for sharing my sentiment about human condition. I guess there is always good things coming together with bad ones, and vice versa. What else we can do except doing our best to enjoy life?

  4. Enjoyed this post, Yun. The crape myrtles here in Atlanta are lush and gorgeous, too. So many beautiful colors. I totally get what you were saying about loving plants more than animals, especially humans. We seem to be working harder on making ourselves extinct than on coexisting within our own species, and that makes us less "civilized" than other animals. It's hard not to be cynical when you consider that!

    1. Thanks Kris for sharing my sentiment too! As I commented in BC, the history of "civilization" is pretty much the history of wars! But again, I know we have no choice except appreciating our life by enjoy it!

  5. Yun, you make me feel like a flea! The bright side of the story is that we both love trees in all there panoply. :)