July 16, 2015

"God Is Just" - A Truth Or An Excuse Of Selfishness

I say "God is just" is another convenient excuse for practice of selfishness, because if God is just, why do we have to help the poor? That's God's will!

Another argument for religious people on this subject would be, letting some people to be poor so others can help them is one of God's lesson, or "design", in order to let people to learn kindness. Really? How about those helpless, those who died in pain, suffering without cure? And is the lesson of kindness really worth thousands, millions sacrifices of life? Would those who were burned alive agree that their excruciating pain (actually I doubt "excruciating" is enough to describe how they felt) was a means used by God to educate others? If so, I would say this God is either unspeakably cruel, or incredibly dumb. Or both.


  1. You make so much sense, Yun, and I totally agree! Yes, “God is just” is a convenient excuse for selfishness. The idea that some religionists have that poverty or suffering is God’s lesson or design is frankly nonsensical. It’s a contrived idea that uses religion to justify all manner of selfishness and cruelty around the world by saying it is God’s doing thereby absolving themselves of caring or helping others.

    1. Madilyn, "contrived idea" is so true! just reading history it's not hard for anyone know that the early government of human societies all based on "divine power"...
      thanks for comment!