July 2, 2009

Child abuse in China?

Yes. While child abuse exists anywhere in this world, China is not an exception (probably worse than many other places).
Supported by traditional morality --- the very "strict" way to raise children is well accepted by Chinese people for thousands years long --- child abuse had been not an issue for Chinese people at all until recent couple of decades. By Confucianism --- the most important traditional philosophy that governed Chinese ideology for over 2 thousands years, parents were absolutely power over children and children have inescapable filial responsible to obey their parents. "Obeying to parents" had been absolutely #1 moral credit for Chinese people. It is not exaggerated to say that the whole Chinese traditional ethic is based on this "Xiao" principle: unconditionally filial piety. Thus Chinese people learned the obedience since they were born, and the quality of rebellion is very rare among Chinese people.

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