July 24, 2009

Ethic rules, do we need to be told?

Jesus Christ: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you;
Confucian: if something you do not want people do to you, do not do to people (己所不欲,勿施于人)
This is absolutely what I follow for my life. But, my question is: do we really need to be told to know this “golden rule”?
Honestly, I understood this principle before I read it from these masters, or, “god”, if you prefer.



  1. I think to know what is good and bad is the realm of experience.

  2. Right. By our experience we are supposed to get our own answers.

  3. Seems, you are over the masters.

  4. Christianity teaches we all know good and evil by conscience, because God put that knowledge in us when he created us in his image.

    But the problem is that as humans, we don't always keep the Golden Rule. We have all been hurt by other people, and we have all done things to hurt other people.

    Jesus didn't just come to remind us of what's right and wrong, but to bring us forgiveness for what we have done wrong, and to defeat death and evil by dying and coming back to life again.

  5. Yes Yunyi, I am a 100% with you, you and I have a good idea of what is right and wrong in a given situation, because we are sensitive humans, not because we were 'created' with this 'knowledge'

    The bible has numerous examples of 'god's' cruelty to whole nations as well as non-believers, and Woodbridge's simplistic rubbish above is not supported by the bible or by rational thought.

    The 'golden rule' is for small children who are not ready to understand the harsh realities of life on earth. If your child is being attacked by a pervert, and you can stop it, the pervert may not like the action you take.

    Many people develop without a functioning 'conscience' at all - they may be described as psychopaths, and not very popular in peacetime, but serve a purpose in war.

    One small thing - Jesus did not defeat evil (read the papers Woodbridge) nor did he 'come back to life' again, even according to the bible. We no longer need these silly fairy stories to live a good life as honest people, caring, compassionate, and humane.