July 21, 2009


Why people were (are, still) so concerned about Michael Jackson's sex life? i am watching Larry King and this lady (don't know her name) was so protective toward MJ and confirmed repeatedly that he (MJ) DID have SEX with that lady (debby?). I remember MJ also tried so hard to prove his sexuality ("yes, we had sex", he said so in front of audience while holding a lady's hand. Oh my God!).
What would be so wrong if he didn't have sexual interest toward women? What would be so wrong if he just didn't have any sexual interest at all?
SEX SEX SEX! Do we have to have sex at least once a day to prove our normality? And what exactly made people so proud of such a biological function which even an animal can handle (probably even better)?

I am not saying that sex is bad. Of course sex is good. But there are some people on this earth who don't have very strong sex drive (some of them are even asexual) and they are just fine. We don't have to be the same.

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