October 13, 2011

Advantage of being a Bad "Listener"

For long time I consider myself a bad listener (it's also a "complaint" from a few close friends). Now I am doing much better on this, especially when interacting with people. I would conscious the moment that I interrupted others' talking and make apology to let people continuing. However, for lots of stuffs going on TVs, I found I am terrible on catching up what's going one with the world. So, I am still concerned very much about my poor English listening skill. But today perspective shifted: I found I am glad about my poor English listening skill because it is exactly because of this, I could have more room to listen my inner voice. How blessed I am!


  1. Hi YunYi, I liked this post along with the Emerson quote in the last one. I have always felt the need to listen to my inner self carefully. The self inside - its simplicity as well as complexity - brings us so much knowledge. Also as the 'sense' of self starts to expand to embrace a few loved ones (at first), then our neighbors, etc. we enjoy a peace in existence. Anyways, sorry for rambling on like this...and I hope you have a great day :) :)