October 5, 2011

Is Human Worse Than Animals?

Noon in the garden of good and evilImage by p_valdivieso via FlickrJust read a fellow blogger's blog (PSACHNO's) about animal right (and it was related to my country China!), I had to ask me this question again: is human worse than animals? ...
Not necessarily. I think the only difference is that human is fully conscious about his being good and evil, while animals are completely unconscious about it. In this case, both the "idea" and "actions" of "good" and "evil" are extraordinarily amplified in human world.
I do not know if this is a bless or curse, or both, but I am quite certain that there is no way to go back our unconscious "heavenly" origin.
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  1. I think blessings and curses are like "good" and "evil," right and wrong are
    inventions of the human psyche and were developed to further the diversity and development of the human race.
    To what end? Is there a purpose to the universe, the world? The answers we invent may be attempts to get back to our unconscious origin. But, as you say there is no return to the "Garden."
    My best.

  2. I try to get around more often to my friends, but health problems (both mine and those of my wife) slow me down. See you soon. My best.