October 14, 2011

Destructions vs Creativites

The Hubble Ultra Deep Field, is an image of a ...I captured part of "History of World in Two Hours" on history channel and found it very interesting, so I re-watched it online from beginning. It was a very educational documentary, with a big picture that covers the most crucial moments of the whole history of universe, not only the "world". It was just what I needed: brief and important!

The documentary not only tells the whole development of universe, the Earth and human, but also focuses on the progress of "energy", which is the most essential element of life. So I would call this video "History of Energy", or "History of Life". After watching the video, I did have a better understanding on how our human life connected with all universe. It is also quite "interesting" to know, that each new "happening" within the progress of universe was always started after some immense explosion, or destructions, such as Big Bang, such as how Stars were made, how the Earth and the Moon were made, how the new life forms emerged, etc. This leads some thoughts come to my mind about human history: a repetition of war and peace. Maybe that's the way it is?

Here is a more comprehensive review on NYT:

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  1. Sadly, our human experience proves this is so. War and peace, war and peace, war and peace...an evolutionary
    process designed to ensure that the genes of the human race are spread over the globe and that these genes are the most fit for producing the best offspring. Not very human is it...or is it?
    Perhaps, it is. Perhaps it is.